Irish tract on poetry (TCD 1337 fragment)

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Two fragments of what may be a single Irish tract on poets and poetry, preserved on a fragment of vellum in TCD 1337 (p. 869).

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prose (primary)
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A Middle Irish metrical tract intended to enumerate and illustrate various metrical types, both common and uncommon.



poets⟨people by occupation⟩
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satirestylistic features
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AAT: “Artistic device holding up human folly and vice to scorn, derision, or ridicule.”


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Partial edition by Kuno Meyer.
Irische Bardennamen in filid ? Nī. ix .i. alt ⁊ dealt, recomracc ⁊ iarcomrac, feles, cloenre ⁊ lubancossach, claidemnas, bricht. Cs̄ cia cruth suidigthir in deach ? Nī. Nach son oencongbalach dochuissin is dealt a deach. Cs̄ citlir baird dochuissin ? xui .i. ocht soerbaird ⁊ ocht ndóerbairt. Na hocht ndoerbaird citus .i. culbard, iar cúl bis sén ⁊ srubbard .i. atbeir asa sruib hi sanaiss risinti dia ndéna ingebad do a duain. Bard lorce .i. lorc ria hucht. Drissiuc .i. duiniu ger goirt. Cromm luatha .i. acoini huassin tenid. Serthiu .i. oblaire. Rinnid .i. rinne conaig. Lorgbard .i. snáth ... ⁊ delge connaig dogrés ar a dan.
Irish tract on poetry (TCD 1337 fragment) • Partial edition by Meyer. • Source document
The recto of the fragment. Source: ISOS.


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[ed.] Meyer, Kuno, “Irische Bardennamen”, Archiv für celtische Lexikographie 1 (1900): 160.  
H. 3. 18, p. 868
Internet Archive: <link>
Text of the recto (until it becomes illegible). Of the fragment on the verso, Meyer gives only a summary and a list of notable terms.
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