verse beg. Easbach díoth Diarmada Duirghean

  • Late Middle Irish
  • verse

An Irish bardic elegiac poem on Díarmait Mac Murchada. Only seven quatrains are extant, having been copied into an erased space of the Book of Leinster, but left incomplete. The purpose of the poem seems to be stated in the third quatrain, in which the poet sets out to enumerate every territory (gort) and every hostage (giall) that belonged to Díarmait, suggesting that the full poem would have been a caithréim or catalogue of his victories.

First words (verse)
  • Easbach díoth Diarmada Duirghean
  • Late Middle Irish
  • Ó Macháin considers the possibility that the poem was written in or shortly after 1171, the year in which Díarmait died.
verse (primary)
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Díarmait Mac MurchadaMac Murchada (Díarmait)
Díarmait Mac Murchada, MacMurrough (Dermot), Díarmait na nGall
king of Leinster, son of Donnchad Mac Murchada (d. 1115)
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[crit. ed.] [dipl. ed.] [tr.] Ó Macháin, Pádraig, “A poem on Diarmaid Mac Murchadha in the Book of Leinster”, Celtica 30 (2018): 14–23.  

Transcription and normalised edition of a fragment of an early bardic poem on Díarmait mac Murchada (7 qq, beg. Easbach díth Diarmata Duirgean) attested in a late addition to the Book of Leinster (p. 178); with discussion, notes and English translation; also includes a brief discussion of other verse pointing to Díarmait Mac Murchada as patron of the Book of Leinster.

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