Do áirem muinntiri Críst ‘On the enumeration of the household of Christ’

  • Late Middle Irish
  • prose
  • Late Middle Irish
prose (primary)
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Scél ÉuagairScél Éuagair

An Irish version of the Abgar legend, translated from the Latin Epistola ad Abgarum and found in the Leabhar Breac as a relatively distinct part of an Irish text on Christ’s household, with a variant version attached to it.




Life and miracles of ChristNew Testament narratives
Life and miracles of Christ
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Primary sources

Edition wanted
[ed.] [tr.] Considine, Patrick, “Irish versions of the Abgar legend”, Celtica 10 (1973): 237–257.
246–249 {LB)

Considine focused on the material relating to the Abgar legend. Of the LB version, he edits and translates the first part until the end of the Abgar story. Of the TCD version, he edits the relevant portion only (without Engl. translation).

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