verse beg. Clywais aran a lefai / ym mhwll

  • Early Welsh
  • verse
A single englyn.
First words (verse)
  • Clywais aran a lefai / ym mhwll
  • Early Welsh
verse (primary)
Number of stanzas
1 englyn
Textual relationships
Related: Meinoeth kiclev lew heidMeinoeth kiclev lew heidA single ‘stray’ englyn found in the Black Book of Carmarthen.



Primary sources Text editions and/or modern translations – in whole or in part – along with publications containing additions and corrections, if known. Diplomatic editions, facsimiles and digital image reproductions of the manuscripts are not always listed here but may be found in entries for the relevant manuscripts. For historical purposes, early editions, transcriptions and translations are not excluded, even if their reliability does not meet modern standards.

[ed.] [tr.] Rowland, Jenny, Early Welsh saga poetry: a study and edition of the englynion, Cambridge: Brewer, 1990.  

Contents : Part I. Acknowledgements -- Introduction -- Chapter 1. The Llywarch Hen poems -- Appendix: early Welsh genealogical tracts -- Chapter 2. The Urien Rheged poems -- Chapter 3. Canu Heledd : I. The historical background, II. The poems -- Appendix: edition and text of Marwnad Cynddylan -- Chapter 4. Claf Abercuawg and penitential lyrics -- Chapter 5. Miscellaneous saga poems and the performance of the saga englynion -- Chapter 6. Other genres using the three-line englyn metres -- Chapter 7. Metrics, authorship, language, dating. -- Part II: Edition and translation of the texts -- The manuscripts of the saga englynion -- Editorial note -- Texts: Canu Llywarch -- Canu Heledd: Prologue, [etc.] ... [incl.] ‘Englynion Cadwallon’ -- ‘Claf Abercuawg’ and ‘Kyntaw geir’ -- Miscellaneous saga poems: Llym awel -- Geraint fab Erbin -- Gwyn ap Nudd -- Mi a wum -- Taliesin and Ugnach -- Seithennin -- Gwallawg -- Ysgolan -- Trystan fragments -- The three Juvencus englynion -- Miscellaneous stanzas. -- Translations -- Notes -- Abbreviations -- Bibliography -- General index -- Index to the textual notes.

467 (text); 511 (translation)

Printed together with a single stanza from the Black Book of Carmarthen, beg. Meinoeth kiclev lew heid.

[ed.] Jones, Owen, Edward Williams, and William Owen Pughe, The Myvyrian archaiology of Wales: collected out of ancient manuscripts, 3 vols, vol. 1: Poetry, London: S. Rousseau, 1801.
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498 [‘Englynion yn y Mabinogion o L. E. D.’] 2 stt. printed.
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