Charles-Edwards, T. M., Wales and the Britons, 350–1064, History of Wales, Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2013. 816 pp.

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Wales and the Britons, 350–1064
Oxford University Press
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Lewis, Barry James, “Review article: A new synthesis of early medieval Brittonic history (Wales and the Britons 350–1064 by Thomas M. Charles-Edwards)”, Celtica 28 (2016): 217–237.
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History, society and culture
Oswald [king of Northumbria]Oswald ... king of Northumbria
(d. 642)
Son of Æthelfrith (king of Bernicia and later, Northumbria), was king of the Northumbrian kingdoms, Bernicia and Deira, following a period of exile among the Irish. He was killed in battle against an alliance between Penda, king of Mercia, and the Britons. Oswald later became the focus of a royal cult.
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Penda [king of Mercia]Penda ... king of Mercia
(d. 655)
son of Pybba, was king of Mercia
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“Introduction: The lands of the Britons”
A. After Rome (chapters 1-6)
[A 1] “Britain, 350-550”
[A 2] “The Britons and their Languages”
[A 3] “Inscriptions”
[A 4] “The Britons and the Irish, 350-800”
[A 5] “From Pelagius to Gildas”
[A 6] “Rome and the Britons, 400-664”
B. Early Welsh society (chapters 7-10)
[B 7] “Charters and laws”
[B 8] “Lords, food-renders, and peasants”
[B 9] “Kinship and status”
[B 10] “Kingship”
C. The Britons and the English, 550-1064 (chapters 11-17)
[C 11] “The Britons and the Northumbrians, 547-685: the evidence”
[C 12] “The Britons, Northumbria, and the rise of Mercia, 550-685”
[C 13] “The Britons and their neighbours under the Mercian hegemony”
[C 14] “Two ninth-century writers”
[C 15] “The transformation of the ninth century”
[C 16] “The Britons and the Empire of Britain”
[C 17] “Wales, 950-1064”
D. The Welsh church and culture (chapters 18-20)
[D 18] “The organization of the Welsh Church”
[D 19] “Latin learning in Wales c. 400-1100”
[D 20] “Poets and story-tellers”
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