Aithrí agus bás Oisín‘The repentance and death of Oisín’
verse beg. Ná bí feasta ag luadh na bhFiann

  • Early Modern Irish
  • verse
  • Classical Irish poetry, Finn Cycle
Final piece of Agallamh Oisín agus Phádraig, in which Patrick tricks Oisín into asking him for forgiveness and grants him absolution. Oisín dies not long afterwards.
Aithrí agus bás Oisín
‘The repentance and death of Oisín’
Al. Aithrighe agus bás Oisín.
First words (verse)
  • Ná bí feasta ag luadh na bhFiann
Context(s)The (textual) context(s) to which the present text belongs or in which it is cited in part or in whole.
  • Early Modern Irish
  • late Early Modern Irish.

verse (primary)
  • rannaigecht dialtach (al. rannaigecht mór) (7¹+7¹+7¹+7¹)
Number of stanzas


Classical Irish poetryClassical Irish poetry

Finn Cycle
Finn Cycle
id. 578


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Secondary sources (select)

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