Aided Chonchobuir (version D)

  • Irish
  • prose
  • Ulster Cycle

Short anecdote about the death of King Conchobar.

First words (prose)
  • Cet mac Mágach roteilc in cloich
  • Irish
prose (primary)
Contains poems
Cóica traighedh tólaibh tlacht’ • ‘A chloch thall for elaid úair
Textual relationships
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A chloch thall for elaid úairA chloch thall for elaid úairPoem on a stone at Monasterboice, Co. Louth.Cóica traighedh tólaibh tlachtCóica traighedh tólaibh tlacht

Two sts of a medieval Irish poem concerning the gigantic physical heights of Tadg mac Céin and Conchobar mac Nessa. 


Ulster Cycle
Ulster Cycle
id. 1797



deathpersonal life events
id. 26573

any event involving the death (or near-death) of one or multiple organisms, regardless of cause.

Cet mac MágachCet mac Mágach
Cet mac Mátach
(time-frame ass. with Ulster Cycle)
Warrior in the Ulster Cycle of tales; hero of Connacht; in some texts, brother of Findchóem and uncle of Conall Cernach.
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Conchobar mac NessaConchobar mac Nessa
(time-frame ass. with Ulster Cycle)
king of the Ulaid in tales of the Ulster Cycle; son either of Cathbad or Fachtna Fáthach (father) and Ness (mother); husband of Mugain; father of Cormac Cond Longas, Cúscraid Mend Macha, Furbaide Fer Bend and Fedelm Noíchrothach; fosterfather of Cú Chulainn.
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Secondary sources (select)

Imhoff, Helen, “The different versions of Aided Chonchobair”, Ériu 62 (2012): 43–99.
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