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Pluincéad (Risteard)
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Latin-Irish dictionary compiled in 1662 by the Franciscan Risteard Pluincéad (Richard Plunkett) at the friary of Trim, Co. Meath. The work, which is held to be the first known attempt at a complete dictionary of the Irish language, did not see publication in print but remained in manuscript form. It came to the attention of Edward Lhuyd, who made use of it when preparing his Archaeologia Brittanica.

Risteard PluincéadPluincéad (Risteard)
(fl. 1662)
Pluincéad (Risdeard)
Franciscan friar of Trim and compiler of a Latin-Irish dictionary.
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de Bhaldraithe, Tomás, “Risteard Pluincéad: a neglected pioneer Irish lexicographer”, Studia Celtica Japonica 3 (1990): 1–8.
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