Trí bior-ghaoithe an bháis‘The three shafts of death’

Keating (Geoffrey)
  • Early Modern Irish
  • Irish literature
A treatise written c. 1631 by Geoffrey Keating (Seathrún Céitinn) in which he reflects on the nature of life and death.
Geoffrey KeatingKeating (Geoffrey)
Céitinn (Seathrún)
Irish priest, historian and poet; author of Foras feasa ar Éirinn
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  • Early Modern Irish


Irish literatureIrish literature


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[ed.] Atkinson, Robert [ed.], Trí bior-ghaoithe an bháis (‘The three shafts of death’) of Rev. Geoffrey Keating, Irish Manuscript Series 2.1, Dublin: Royal Irish Academy, 1890.
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