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Irish verse, especially Iomarbhágh na bhfileadh and transcripts of poems from the Irish Liber hymnorum. There is some overlap in content with TCD MS 1378.

G 24
Phillipps collection, 9359
Provenance and related aspects
s. xviii
18th century
Hands, scribes
Tadhg Ó NeachtainÓ Neachtain (Tadhg)
(c.1670–c. 1752)
Irish scribe and scholar, son of Seán Ó Neachtain.
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Aodh Ó DálaighÓ Dálaigh (Aodh)
(fl. mid–18th century)
O'Daly (Hugh)
Irish scribe and poet
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The main scribe is Aodh Ó Dálaigh, with minor additions by Tadhg Ó Neachtain.
Codicological information
The list below has been collated from the table of contents, if available on this page,Progress in this area is being made piecemeal. Full and partial tables of contents are available for a small number of manuscripts. and incoming annotations for individual texts (again, if available).Whenever catalogue entries about texts are annotated with information about particular manuscript witnesses, these manuscripts can be queried for the texts that are linked to them.


Secondary sources (select)

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