Táin bó Cúailgne, recension I

  • Old Irish, Middle Irish
  • prose
  • Ulster Cycle, Táin bó Cúailnge
redaction/recension • multiple versions

This recension is found in four manuscripts:

ff. 88r–105v
Interpolated. End missing.
pp. 1–76
Interpolated. Beginning and end missing.
  • Old Irish Middle Irish
  • Old Irish and Middle Irish
prose (primary)
verse (secondary)
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Aided CáurAided CáurEpisode found in all three recensions of Táin bó Cúailnge.Aided con na cerdaAided con na cerdaAided Etarcomail (⁊ imarchor n-athisc fer n-Érend)Aided Etarcomail (⁊ imarchor n-athisc fer n-Érend)Aided Fir BaíthAided Fir BaíthAided FraíchAided FraíchEpisode found in the first recension of Táin bó CúailngeAided in togmaili ⁊ in pheta eóinAided in togmaili ⁊ in pheta eóinAided LethainAided LethainAided LóchaAided LóchaAnecdote about the death of Medb's handmaid Lócha (Recension 1) or Loche (Recension 2).Aided Lóich meic Mo FemisAided Lóich meic Mo FemisEpisode found in all three recensions of Táin bó CúailngeAided LóthairAided Lóthair

Story about the death of Medb’s cowherd Lóthar, with an additional anecdote about the search for the bull (tarb). It occurs only in the first recension of TBC.

Aided na maccraideAided na maccraideAided na macraidiAided na macraidiShort episode in the Táin bó Cúailnge (Recension I).Aided na rígamusAided na rígamusAided na trí nónborAided na trí nónborEpisode in the Táin bó Cúailnge (Recension I).Aided Nath CrantailAided Nath CrantailAided Óengussa meic ÓenlámaAided Óengussa meic ÓenlámaEpisode in the Táin bó Cúailnge (Recensions I and II).Aided OrláimAided OrláimAided Redg cáinteAided Redg cáinteEpisode found in recensions I and III of Táin bó CúailngeAided Tamuin drúithAided Tamuin drúithAided trí mac Nechta ScéniAided trí mac Nechta ScéniAided trí mac nGárachAided trí mac nGárachEpisode found in all three recensions of Táin bó CúailngeAided ÚalandAided ÚalandA series of episodes found in Táin bó Cúailnge (recensions I and II), in which the river Cronn and one or two other streams rise against the hosts of Connacht, hindering their progress and leading to the death of Úalu and the loss of many more warriors.Airecor nAradAirecor nAradAislinge nAimirginAislinge nAimirginBánchath RochadaBánchath Rochada

Episode found in the first recension of Táin bó Cúailnge.

Bángleó RochadaBángleó RochadaCaladgleó CethirnCaladgleó Cethirn

Episode in the Táin bó Cúailnge (Recensions I and II), in which the warrior Cethern mac Fintain single-handedly fights the men of Ireland in their encampment (while Cú Chulainn is recovering), returns to receive treatment for his wounds, and launches a final attack on the encampment. It is the first of a final series of episodes in the Táin (the so-called dinda na Tána as Recension I describes them).

In carpat serda ⁊ in Breslech Mór Maige MurthemneIn carpat serda ⁊ in Breslech Mór Maige MurthemneCath Eógain meic Derthacht fri ChonchobarCath Eógain meic Derthacht fri ChonchobarComlond Munremair ⁊ Con RoiComlond Munremair ⁊ Con RoiComrac Con Culaind fri FindabairComrac Con Culaind fri FindabairComrac Fergusa fri Coin CulaindComrac Fergusa fri Coin CulaindComrac Fir Diad ⁊ Con CulaindComrac Fir Diad ⁊ Con CulaindComrac Lárine meic NóisComrac Lárine meic NóisEpisode found in all three recensions of Táin bó CúailngeComrac MaindComrac MaindDamgal na tarbDamgal na tarbThe episode of the fight between the two bulls, Donn Cúailnge and Finnbennach, towards the end of the Táin (I, II). It includes the brief tale of Bricriu’s death (Aided Bricrinn/Bricni).Dinda na TánaDinda na TánaA short section, or table of contents, in the first recension of Táin bó Cúailnge (YBL). It enumerates the fifteen subsequent episodes, or main episodes (dinda), that make up the final section of the Táin.Fagbáil in tairbFagbáil in tairbFiacalgleó FindtainFiacalgleó FindtainImacallaim na Mórigna fri Coin CulaindImacallaim na Mórigna fri Coin CulaindEpisode in Táin bó Cúailnge.Introduction to the Táin bó CúailngeIntroduction to the Táin bó CúailngeLingid Fergus darsin n-omnai ina charputLingid Fergus darsin n-omnai ina charputEpisode found in the first recension of Táin bó CúailngeMacgnímrada Con CulainnMacgnímrada Con CulainnNot an independent(ly preserved) tale, but a story included in Táin bó Cúailnge, recension I and II.Meillgleó nIliachMeillgleó nIliachEpisode in the Táin bó Cúailnge (Recensions I and II).Orgain ChúalngiOrgain ChúalngiRúadrucca MindRúadrucca MindSirrabad SúaldaimSirrabad SúaldaimSlánugud na MórrignaSlánugud na Mórrigna

The narrative covered here consists of two main threads: (1) Slánugud na Mórrigna proper: Cú Chulainn’s meeting with the Morrígan, who is disguised as an old woman with a cow, and his unwitting healing of her injuries as he utters a blessing at every drought of milk he accepts from her; and (2) Cú Chulainn’s victories in a series of fights with numerous opponents sent by Medb of Connacht as he defends Ulster in the area of Delgu Muirtheimne.

Slicht sain so co aidid nÓrlaimSlicht sain so co aidid nÓrlaimTochestol UladTochestol UladTochostul fear nÉrendTochostul fear nÉrendToichim na mbuidenToichim na mbuidenEpisode in Táin bó Cúailnge (Recensions I and II), in which Ailill and Medb watch the approaching Ulaid through intermediaries. It employs the so-called ‘watchman device’, in which a watchman with keen sight, here Mac Roth, offers a visually rich if puzzling description of what he sees and in which an interpreter of the description, here Fergus mac Róich, is able to identify the approaching characters.Túarascbáil delba Con CulaindTúarascbáil delba Con CulaindÚs in Duib Chúalngni for táinÚs in Duib Chúalngni for táinThe final episode of the Táin (I, II) and an epilogue to the story of the fight of the two bulls. In the texts, Donn Cúailnge, severely wounded after its triumph over Finnbennach, returns home, scattering body parts of its opponent on the road and giving rise to new placenames. It dies at the end of its journey, either in Druim Tairb (TBC I) or near Taul Tairb (TBC II). Both recensions make use of dinnshenchas in describing the bull’s itinerary, but differ in the placenames they refer to.


Ulster Cycle
Ulster Cycle
id. 1797
Táin bó Cúailnge
Táin bó Cúailnge
id. 624
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(13–15) The muster of the men of Ireland » entry

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