Gramadegau’r penceirddiaid‘The grammars of the chief poets’

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A group of vernacular Welsh bardic grammars whose production spans a long line of transmission, revision and adaptation. The earliest two recensions, from the 14th century and onwards, are associated with or attributed to Einion Offeiriad (fl. 13th century) and Dafydd Ddu (fl. 14th century). Later, more elaborate adaptations were produced by Gutun Owain and Simwnt Fychan. While influenced by the Latin grammatical tradition based on the likes of Donatus and Priscian, the grammars sought to apply concepts about the grammatical features of the vernacular to Welsh bardic poetry.

Gramadegau’r penceirddiaid
‘The grammars of the chief poets’
Also known, without article, as Gramadegau penceirddiaid.
Ascribed to: Einion OffeiriadEinion Offeiriad
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Dafydd Ddu of HiraddugDafydd Ddu of Hiraddug
(d. by 1371)
Dafydd Ddu o Hiraddug, Dafydd Ddu Athro Hiraddug
Welsh poet and editor of a Welsh bardic grammar.
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Gutun OwainGutun Owain
(fl. second half of the 15th century)
Gruffudd ap Huw ab Owain
Gutun Owain (Gruffudd ap Huw ab Owain), Welsh poet and scribe
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Simwnt FychanFychan (Simwnt)
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The variety of Welsh that was spoken between c. 1100/1150-c. 1500.

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[ed.] Williams, Griffith John, and Evan J. Jones, Gramadegau'r penceirddiaid, Cardiff: University of Wales Press, 1934.
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